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This messageboard is for scientific discussion of cultural selection, cultural dynamics and regality theory. It is not for political discussion.

Author:  Date: 1999-07-03 00:00

This message board is intended for discussion of Cultural selection theory as described in my book of the same title. Cultural selection theory is a theory of the selective forces that influence the direction of cultural change. Sometimes the selective forces provide wonderful improvements in peace and wellfare, at other times they have very irrational and unfortunate consequences. This is a fascinating area of research with direct relevance to everybody's life.

There is a big overlap between cultural selection theory and memetics. However, memetics puts a major focus on cultural information units (memes), while cultural selection theory puts more focus on the selective forces that determine the direction of cultural evolution. Cultural selection theory includes some selection mechanisms that can not be adequately described in terms of memes as units of information.

You may post theoretical discussion and news about Cultural selection theory and about the contents of the book Cultural selection.

Possible discussion topics include:

  • intelligent versus unconscious or unintended selection mechanisms
  • cultural r/k theory and cultural correllates of bellicosity/peacefulness
  • the psychological factors that make certain jokes or urban legends spread
  • cultural factors that influence artistic taste and music genres
  • selective factors that influence sexual morals and behavior
  • cultural effects of economic competition
  • social and political effects of newsmedia competition
  • selection of scientific theories
  • cultural selection in animals

Please don't let political discussions develop far from the original topic of cultural selection theory; and please avoid abusive, redundant, off-topic or commercial messages.

Further guidance can be found in the FAQ.

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