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Problems Facing the media
Author:  Date: 2006-12-04 20:30
One of the major problems of the media is ethinism and belonging which occurs mostly in the african and asian countries this is when the journalists and the editors favour their place of origin or hometown in their publications. one problem facing the media also is the gocvernment.whereby all news are not permited to be published though it is said to be a free press.because the government is supposed to serve as a watch dog for the citizens on the government and if there is any suspected movement of any fraud of indecent acts the media is suppose to inform the citizens,but in this case the government bring in violence and the journalists could be physically dealt with.such as in the case of dele giwa from nigeria in 1988 where he was letter bombed at his residence in lagos. Another way the government stops the media from reporting effectively is by refusing to put government advertisement on that media outlet if they keep on interfering in the runnings of the government and this can put some media houses out of the industry.
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