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Problems Facing the media
Author:  Date: 2007-03-12 04:02
i believe the biggest problems with mass communication is the theory itself. Fristly mass is a large group of people , the masses often refers to the greater society or common society, usually the middle class. Therefore to communicate to the mass( everyone) can never realistically be achieved, and the mass is undefinable, you cant claim to be presneting media to the mass but not define what the mass consists of, not everyone has media available to them. The second issue in the theory of mass communication is the communication part. Communication can be characterised by a two way conversation via print, verbal, screen ect. In mass communcation as we know it today very little of it is truly a two way form of communication. its more like mass presentation of information which in austrlaia today comes from a narrow group of people (packers/stokes/murdoch) to the so called masses, clearly this information presented will be biased and limited usually uniform over all facets of media.
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