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Why is my computer so slow?
Author: Igor Levicki Date: 2010-01-02 11:17
The root of the issue as I see it is the uneducated consumer who is accepting all junk that is being shoveled onto them.

People don't know that they don't need jqs.exe loaded for Java applets to run, same goes for many other applications like Adobe Reader, Office, WinAMP, QuickTime, Real Player, HP/Epson/XYZ printer drivers, etc, who are all shoveling their useless processes into RAM under the excuse of faster startup as if the whole computer belongs to them when in fact the icon in the tray is there for brand awareness spreading.

Not only people accept junk -- they ask for more of it!

It's all about "bang for the buck" nowadays. Why would a disc burning software need media player functionality is really beyond me. But, in having one bundled, it offers "more value" to the customer while allowing the software company to keep the same high price. What is devastating is that the consumers end up paying for unwanted features, the software company gets to keep their profit at the same level as opposed to usual method of competing with price reduction, and the developer is in effect paid less for more work. Net result is having two poor pieces of code instead of a single good one.

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