Message board software in Perl

Note: This software is no longer maintained

What is a web message board

A web message board is a web site for public discussion and sharing of news
about a particular topic. Anybody can post a message and anybody can read it.

A message board differs from a mailing list in that you don't have to subscribe.
It differs from a Usenet newsgroup in that improper messages can be removed.

Message board software in Perl

Most modern message boards use a database for storing messages. If you have access to create a database on your server, then it is recommended to use the more modern software. The message board in Perl is obsolete and no longer supported with updates, but the code is free to use.

This message board system has several advantages over other available systems that don't use databases:

System requirements

You must have a basic knowledge of the internet, HTML and UNIX commands to
be able to install and use this program.

Before you sign up for an account at an internet service provider you should check if it provides what you need:

Setting up the files

Make a directory named boardsetup somewhere on your server.
Transfer the file by ftp in binary mode to the boardsetup directory.

Log in by telnet or secure shell and go to the boardsetup directory using the cd command.
Unzip the archive with the command:

Read the file readme.txt for further instructions.

No support

Please note that I am providing this software as is and without any guarantee or support.

A message board is provided for technical discussion of my software. You may post your questions here and hope that somebody will answer. A test board is no longer available because it has been abused for spam.

Please don't E-mail me with your technical problems: such mails will not be answered! If you don't have the technical expertise for installing this software then you should seek professional help elsewhere.