Expandable hierarchical menu (PHP)

Note: This software is no longer maintained

This is a code for a hierarchical menu like the one you see on this page. Every branch of the tree-structured menu can be expanded or collapsed by the user.

The code executes on the server side. This assures that it works in all browsers. A disadvantage of running the code on the server side is that you have a longer response time when expanding or collapsing a branch.

The code has special support for search engines such as AltaVista and Google, to make sure the pages are listed correctly by search engines.

You can control how the pages look when printed, i.e. black on white without menu.

System requirements



Download the file phpmenu.zip and follow the instructions in the read-me.txt file.

No support

Please note that I am providing this software as is and without any guarantee or support.

A message board is provided for technical discussion of my software. You may post your questions here and hope that somebody will answer.

Please don't E-mail me with your technical problems: such mails will not be answered!